HMI Touch Screen Display

HMI Touch Screen Display

HMI Touch Screen Display from GSR Technology provide the connectivity your organisation needs to bring people and technology together.

Touch Screen Displays for Industrial HMI Applications

Within the construction and manufacturing industries, touchscreen technology is also essential, enabling your experts to monitor, manage, and successfully run intricate processes and systems.

Our touch screen displays give your engineers the precise control they need to manage complex manufacturing and design processes, even through electrically insulating gloves or other protective equipment.

Key features

Our Touch Screen Displays for HMI applications support a wide range of key features:

  • 10 point gesture
  • Glove touch
  • Palm rejection
  • Water resistance
  • Supports all OS
  • Supports thick glass touch
  • Good noise immunity by higher driving voltage and frequency hopping
  • Compliant with IEC6100-4-X class A, EMS CS 3Vrms & RS 10V/m

For more information on our HMI Touch Screen Displays or to place an order, please contact the GSR sales team.

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