Industrial LCD Monitors

Industrial LCD monitors are designed for use across a huge range of factory and warehouse applications.

From product automation to process control, LCD monitors form an essential component of manufacturing and human machine interfacing, giving your experts the strong, functional monitors they need to ensure your processes are running smoothly and efficiently at any given time.

Industrial TFT Monitors

Our Industrial TFT monitors are specifically designed for high intensity industrial applications.

A fully enclosed design makes our monitors suitable across a wide range of placements, while configured display solutions mean you can tailor your interface to everywhere from your control rooms to your production lines.

Sizes start from 3.5” up to 65” and all include state-of-the-art long life LED backlights to support low power consumption and high quality  design.

Custom design

All sizes come with a standard chassis frame.

Optional interface features, including VGA, DVI, HDMI, and standard VESA mounting holes, allow flexibility in product design. Custom work is assembled and produced by our strategic assembly partners to ensure a solution that exceeds your expectations.

For custom projects, or to enquire further about our Industrial LCD Monitors, please speak to the GSR sales team


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