LCD Displays for Outdoor Use

High Bright LCD Displays for Outdoor Use

High Bright LCD displays are essential for outdoor use and applications where your product is subject to direct sunlight.

If you find yourself struggling to view your product display, as a result of light hitting the display surface, and this is affecting your organisation’s ability to work, our high brightness LCD displays are the best choice for you.

Outdoor applications

Traditional screen types operate by reflecting light back from the screen, enhancing the monitor’s readability in poorly lit or indoor spaces. Outside, however, where there is direct sunlight, this becomes a problem. Glare appears, making it difficult to view the screen with clarity.

High Bright LCD screens are specifically designed to combat this using special industrial grade LED backlights . These displays operate most effectively in outside conditions, allowing you to view and interface with your display without any problems.


All of our Sunlight readable LCD display solutions come in various formats such as: TFT-LCD only, kit form, open frame, fully housed, waterproof chassis and customized designs.

  • Screen sizes – 3.5” upto 65”
  • Brightness – 700 nit upto 2500 nit
  • Industrial grade LED backlights (analog / PWM dimming control)
  • Extra wide viewing angles
  • Extra wide operating temperatures from -30C / +85C
  • Sunlight Readable

For more information on our High Bright LCD Displays or to place an order, please contact the GSR sales team.

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