Capacitive touch technology is sensitive to many environments, so a stable and reliable touch performance needs a good combination of touch sensor design, firmware tuning, system assembly and environmental interferences consideration.

GSR Technology works closely with our partner EETI to provide a full range of touch controllers designed to optimize the performance of projected capacitive touch technology. The EXC range of touch controllers and IC chips are specifically designed for commercial, industrial and medical applications. EETI touch controllers support USB, RS232 and IC interfaces and offer high voltage driving signal to achieve high signal-noise-ratio and better interference susceptibility for demanding applications.

All EETI controllers are backed up with the eGalax software package to support different touch sensor structures – OGS, SITO, DITO, G/F, G/F/F and G/G. With high SNR you can achieve an excellent solution not just for finger and glove operation, but also thicker glass etc.

With over 15 years in touchscreen solutions, EETI’s superior design combines accuracy, sensitivity and speed to reach the outstanding touch performance required in today’s industrial markets.

Key Features

  1. Excellent noise immunity and 10 point touch
  2. Support glove touch
  3. Support palm rejection
  4. Support water resistance
  5. Supports all OS
  6. Supports thick glass touch
  7. Good noise immunity by higher driving voltage and frequency hopping
  8. Compliant with IEC6100-4-X class A, EMS CS 3Vrms & RS 10V/m

For more information on EETI controllers and projected capacitive touch screens, please contact the GSR sales team.

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