Single Board Computers for Medical Devices

Single Board Computers for Medical Devices

With an industrial grade single board computer from the experts at GSR Technology, you can build medical devices to control, perform and oversee a huge range of processes. The power, reliability and versatility of our single board computers enables you to focus on fine-tuning your product’s functions instead of worrying about the hardware required to fulfil its potential. SBCs are truly indispensable to manufacturers in today’s medical industry.

Medical Applications for Single Board Computers

An industrial grade single board computer from GSR can be invaluable to engineers who are producing a clinical, diagnostic, surgical or related device. Whether you’re manufacturing laser eye surgery equipment, pharmaceutical systems, surgical imaging devices, ultrasound machines, patients’ bedside entertainment terminals or any other medical product, GSR will supply you with industrial grade single board computers that are ideal for medical applications.

One of the major advantages of industrial grade single board computers is the fact that they’re small yet fully functional. That makes them more compact, more efficient and more cost-effective than typical multi-board alternatives. Our single board computers offer manufacturers the technology they need in the face of the medical industry’s demands for reliable, energy-efficient, portable devices that are built to last. SBCs enable medical professionals and other healthcare staff to access, analyse, store and transmit vital information easily and swiftly, thereby enhancing the services offered to patients.

Key Features of Industrial Grade SBCs

Our industrial grade single board computer product range provides the features you need to help maximise your medical device’s performance and minimise its time to market.

Other features in the range include:

  • Long lifespan and long-term availability of components
  • Low power consumption
  • Ability to withstand extreme temperatures from -40 to 85°C
  • Small form factor and space-saving design
  • Cutting-edge Intel, AMD and ARM processors
  • HD/2D/3D dedicated graphics processors
  • HDMI/DVI/DP/SDVO display
  • Support for Mini-ITX, mircroATX, ATX and Embedded SBCs platforms

For help with choosing the best industrial grade single board computer for your manufacturing needs or to place an order,please contact the GSR sales team..

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