Single Board Computers for Retail Applications

Single Board Computers for Retail Applications

From the supply chain to the shop floor, single board computers are essential to the fast-paced, modern retail industry. With a single board computer for retail applications, you can automate, manage and monitor a huge range of back office and customer-facing processes. At GSR Technology, we have the necessary expertise to supply industrial grade SBCs with the power, flexibility and reliability you require. That leaves you free to concentrate on perfecting your product rather than wondering where to source suitable hardware.

Benefits of Using a Single Board Computer for Retail Systems

Supermarkets, shops, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and other retailers are embracing retail technology as a means of working more efficiently and improving their services. As a result, cost-effective, durable retail systems are much in demand. In a busy, sales-orientated environment in which space is at a premium, employees feel overstretched and customers are short of time, compact, high-performance single board computers from GSR are ideal.

Whether you produce barcode scanners, digital signs, stock management solutions, ticketing equipment, vending machines or other retail hardware, the technology behind your retail systems needs to be robust. One of the major benefits of using a single board computer for retail applications is that this technology has a long lifespan. Our SBCs also have excellent interfacing and display capabilities, so are well suited to interactive retail applications. They can be relied upon to enhance the retail experience for companies and consumers alike.

Features of Industrial Grade SBCs

GSR’s industrial grade single board computer products, with i.MX6, nVidia, AMD and Intel® Atom series processors, have the features you need to tailor your devices to the retail sector. For example, our Mini-ITX, microATX and ATX single board computers are ideal for point-of-sale solutions with their connectivity and interactivity with the real world. What’s more, if you need a single board computer for retail applications that take place outdoors, you can rest assured extended temperature range options with industrial grade reliability are available.

Key features in the range include:

  • Small, lightweight design, ideal when space is limited
  • Long lifecycle and long-term availability of components
  • Low power consumption and energy efficiency
  • Ability to withstand extreme temperatures from -40 to 85°C
  • Cutting-edge Intel, AMD and ARM processors
  • HD/2D/3D dedicated graphics processors
  • HDMI/DVI/DP/SDVO display
  • Rich I/O options

For expert advice about selecting an industrial grade single board computer for retail applications or to place an order, please contact the GSR sales team.

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